• Just Rambling

    The perspective of turning 30

    What is your biggest fear? I am afraid of clowns, spiders and looking in a mirror at night (you know, in case there’s a ghost behind me). But I’m most afraid of getting old. To be exact, to turn 30. Since I was a teenager, the number 30 represented the end for me. The end of wrinkle-free skin, my natural hair colour, opportunities and fun. All my bucket lists were always labelled as “by the time I am 30”. And now it’s nearly here, four months away. So today I was scrolling through my Instagram feed when I saw a post from a girl I follow. Tomorrow, she is turning…

  • Limiting Beliefs

    Turn NO into YES

    How often do you say yes to new opportunities and challenges? And how often do you say no because it’s comfortable? I say NO a lot. I say no to things that make me feel uncomfortable. Things that make me question my abilities. Things that make me leave my shell. And I need to learn to turn NO into YES. Who I really am and what can I really achieve if I tame all the discouraging thoughts and limiting beliefs about myself? The answer is – I am limitless, powerful and unstoppable. The only thing is, in order to get there, one has to choose a route full of hardships, challenges…

  • Limiting Beliefs

    Detecting limiting beliefs

    Have you ever faced a challenge and the adrenalin and excitement rushing through your body? Have you felt ready to take the step and just do whatever you were about to do? Have you found the one job you had been dreaming of? Have you applied? But then you paused. You started to think. You thought of everything that could go wrong. You thought of everything that is wrong with you. You came to a conclusion that you can’t do that. You can’t do that job. You crawled back to your comfort zone. Those little mean voices that talked you out of taking the big step – your limiting beliefs.…

  • The Theory of Change

    Responding to failure

    You can’t control what life throws at you. You are only responsible for your own actions and reactions. How you choose to respond to failures, setbacks, disappointments, or mistakes determines the course of your life. This article is about how to gain from failures and your mistakes. So I was just browsing through a book when I came across a passage on this self-control technique introduced by Jocko Willink. For those who have never heard of him, he is retired Navy SEAL Commander, author, leadership instructor, speaker, and executive coach. Also, he has his own podcast that is quite interesting to listen to time to time. And also he looks…

  • Self-Inventory,  The Practical Stuff


    Location. Today’s task is probably the easiest one – it is about (you guessed it) your preferred location. When you are thinking and planning a career change, you don’t necessarily need to know what exactly it is you want to do (chances are that you don’t and that’s why you are reading this blog, ha). But I am nearly certain that you do know where you want to be based and where you want to live. Your dream location. Or the most convenient. I am not going to make this chapter too long and too in depth. There is no need. Where do you want to live and work? I…

  • The Theory of Change

    Living with a handbreak on

    This topic is so on point. Not only am I in the market for a new car (it is a bigger deal than I thought!) but also that term exactly describes my life. I am chasing this huge career change, satisfaction, purpose, happiness and big bucks, yet I am not moving anywhere. I am reading all the awesome success stories and I know I can achieve it, too. But for some reason, I am still at a starting point, even though the tyres are squeaking and burning under me, powered by this great energy. It wasn’t until I came across this metaphor in a book I am just reading (The…

  • Money, salary, career change
    Self-Inventory,  The Practical Stuff


    Money can’t buy happiness. True or false? Most of us think that if we had more money, life would be easier hence we would be happier. That’s true. Money is important, to some level. But studies confirm that once our essential human needs are met (food, warmth, health, security, relationships, feeling of accomplishment, self-fulfilment – see Maslow’s Hierarchy of Needs) then no matter how much money we have and what kind of stuff we buy, we don’t get to be any happier (in a long-term, anyway). The abundance of money only increases our satisfaction, but not happiness. Actually the more money we make the less happy we feel, because of…

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    How to

    How to fail an interview

    Do you remember when I said that you will probably get rejected or get no response to your job applications approximately 17times before you get one interview invitation (here)? Right. So I got my seventeen rejections and finally got the golden call for THE INTERVIEW. The interview I failed so miserably. I had a couple of days to get ready for it. You can easily guess what kind of questions they’ll ask you based on the role description, expected duties and the job requirements. Absurd thing is that I got this interview even though I applied with the “I apply because it costs nothing and at least I won’t regret…

  • Kindness, change, decent human being
    Just Rambling

    7 tips (for now) how to be a decent human being

    Once I came across a thought that ultimately changed the way I live and look at my life: “Imagine your funeral. How many people are there, are they sad, are they grieving? Who are those people – did they really knew the real you or are they mourning a certain image of you? And after the ceremony – what are the people talking about? Your acts of kindness, your adventures, your career, you hurting other people, being greedy, mean or fake? Now imagine that your grave stone states the truth about you. What does it say? Do you like it?” We are all different, that’s given. Everybody is unique, has…

  • change, direction of life, choice
    The Theory of Change

    Change of direction

    ‘If you do not change direction, you may end up where you are heading.‘ – Lao Tzu This is one of my most favourite quotes. The more I read it, the wiser it gets. In some ways, we are applying this rule in our daily lives without thinking about its meaning. You are walking on a footpath and you see a large puddle taking up the whole width of the pavement right in front of you. Of course, unless you want to get your shoes all soaked, you cross to the other side. You are driving a car and you see a sign that the road ahead is closed due…